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Talk Fusion’s 10th Anniversary: Celebration in Style in Maui

Talk Fusion’s formal gala celebrating their tenth anniversary went off without a hitch in beautiful Maui, Hawaii earlier this month. Attended by many of the company’s top-performing Associates, it’s one of the various incentives that motivate members of the company.   While the party was in part celebrating the success of the company, Founder and CEO Bob Reina says to PRNewsWire that it’s just as much about celebrating the Associates who work so hard for success. Reina goes on toRead More…

Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Continue to Impress

The Swiss are known for their precision and attention to detail and the experience with Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is in line with this stereotype. Baur is a former Swiss Banker and a present day digital entrepreneur. The Swiss Startup Factory is a partnership between Baur and two other partners. The Factory is privately held and is deemed the top accelerator in Switzerland. This early stage ICT Startup Accelerator is widely respected and always included in any list ofRead More…

Logan Stout Leads IDLife To Partner With Garmin International

ID Life, LLC is a company that shares simple ways of leading healthy lifestyles with people. The company offers high-quality vitamins and products in America. Customers have praised the company for the good results experienced after using the products. According to a report by fitness News Desk, ID Life announced its plans of partnering with Garmin International Inc. Garmin deals with wearable device technology. The two companies were planning to start working together at the beginning of June 1, 2017.Read More…

Tony Petrello Moves From Math Wunderkind to a Tope Paid Executive

In 2014, the Associated Press released its annual list of the world’s best paid executives that is usually a mixture of household names and the business leaders who work hard to build their company into a global leader. The 2014 list was topped by a name that may not be well known to the masses, in the shape of Anthony Petrello, an oil and gas drilling executive with the world’s largest drilling contractor Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello was a leadingRead More…

Sawyer Howitt – New and Upcoming Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a high school entrepreneur that has taken a keen interest in business and finance. His talent and knowledge in the industry has been successful, making him a credible source of his father’s business. He is the Project Manager at the Meriwether Group, which provides business and financial services to entrepreneurs. Sawyer Howitt is following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and excelling at great lengths in the field. He is motivated in the industry, and also understands theRead More…

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Partners Up with UChicago to Improve Breast Cancer Treatments

Despite the prevalence of breast cancer nationwide, doctors and patients have had very little specialized treatment knowledge for any one individual with the disease. Now, Chicago entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is working to change that by teaming up his health care start-up Tempus with doctors at the University of Chicago and other medical facilities across the country including the Rush University Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, and the University of Michigan. Tempus’ work with the University of Chicago involvesRead More…

Kim Dao Beauty products

Young you-tuber named Kim Dao has over 100 videos of her lifestyle and beauty tips/products she uses or knows about throughout her daily life. She has over 300,000 subscribers within her channel, and has very supportive followers. In one of her videos named “The best Korean makeup” she explains briefly each item and it’s purpose which can be found on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7AG-0rgsFQ. Kim Dao does go over different products and its uses like eye shadow palettes,brow kits,brow peel,blush,foundation,Line NuanceRead More…

Fabletics Becomes Much More Visible With More Stores

Consumers that have seen the success of Fabletics online may wonder why there is a need for physical stores. What Kate Hudson is trying to do is give people a chance to shop inside of Fabletics. First, they will have to become familiar with the brand and find out if there is anything that they would actually like to look for in the stores. That is why the reverse showrooming on the website is so important. That gives her anRead More…

Doug Levitt Explores an Unreported Part of U.S. Society

The artist Doug Levitt has spent more than a decade traveling the U.S. by Greyhound bus as he explores an often unreported part of U.S. society that is rarely explored by the mainstream news media. Doug Levitt has looked to explore parts of U.S. society that are often the poorest and least served by parts of the global infrastructure the majority take for granted, such as airports and major highways; instead, the people living in the poorest parts of theRead More…

Wen User’s Share Experiences

Improving the health of your hair starts with the use of a great hair care product. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is one product that works to replenish and restore the hair back to good health, with results you can see. If you’ve dreamt of hair like you see on the models, this stylist-created, scientifically-researched product may offer what you want and more. What is Wen Cleansing Conditioner? Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one natural hair care product. This product cleanses theRead More…