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Adam Milstein: Hero for Jews and Non-Jews Alike

The beloved Jews, God’s chosen people and the jewels of His heart, have faced battles unlike any other race on Earth. A recent article by Adam Milstein shines much insight on the topic of antisemitism. He explains that in the beginning of the 20th century, the simmering hatred that had been brewing since time began had come to a head in Kishinev, Russia. A rabid, anti-Semitic, bloodthirsty gang of men went door to door maiming, killing, raping, and destroying everyone and everything, Jewish. It was noted by many who witnessed this horror that not even one Jewish person stood up and fought for their family, friends and neighbors. After all, why not? There were more of them than there were in the gang!


This sense of helplessness is what prompted the Jewish people to realize that nobody else would ever come to their rescue, and only they, themselves, could be relied upon. They began to rise up with a new sense of courage, and a fierce determination to fight their enemies head-on. They began diligently preparing themselves, their army and their weapons without ceasing and today, Israel has the most effective, efficient, ready and capable army among all the nations on earth


Adam Milstein reiterated how many Jews in this same era chose to migrate to the United States, building lives that shined with an accomplishment and affluence rarely seen, making a positive impact on the world-scene. One would think that this indestructible, persevering people would, in a normal state of affairs, be praised for their strength and veracity; They are not. They are still deeply despised and the antisemitism goes on often in a more “P.C” way, a more palatable way, via campuses, media, and political mantra. It also continues on some fronts as an obvious and seething hatred among groups such as the KKK and radical Islam, both of whom who are proud to spew their poison; the goal being to reach every ear, and encourage the prejudice to continue its cancerous intrusion into all facets of life.


Hopefully, more Jews and non-Jews alike will wake up so that a “Kishinev” will never happen again, neither on large nor small scale. Just a single act of racism on one Jew is one too many. Adam Milstein has personally had enough. And he’s doing something about it. He has risen on the world-scene as one of the boldest and most passionate voices crying out for justice and cessation of antisemitism. He lives and breathes his beloved Israel, and with every beat of his heart he grieves for those who have been and are being persecuted. After college and his service in the IDF, he moved to the USA with his wife and started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Adam Milstein Podcast to help provide charity to the Jewish people in addition to other services that aim to encourage a strong US and Israeli relationship.


Adam Milstein is a true hero of the modern day. The more affluent and well-known he becomes, the more he uses that to obtain more help and assistance for his Jewish brothers and sisters all over the world. His foundation has made a lasting impact on America, and has been responsible for much of the cooperation existing today between the USA and Israel. Indeed, the world is a better place for having had Adam Milstein in it.