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USHEALTH Group is on a Mission to Connect with Every US Citizens through Qualified Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group, a leader in quality insurance solutions, is on a mission to connect with every U.S. citizens by offering qualified insurance solutions. The insurance service provider has garnered enough attention from the market with high-quality, customized, and innovative solutions that can address the need of every customer. Interestingly, the firm offers many health insurance products that offer comprehensive solutions keeping customer expectations and concerns in mind. It should be noted that USHEALTH Group has the health insurance experience of more than 50 collective years and known for providing affordable, flexible, and secure plans for individuals and their families. The products of the insurance provider are targeting individuals, families, the employees of small business groups, and their families. Learn more about USHealth Group at

The insurance firm has a wider network in the country, and it is committed to providing world-class sales and customer service experience. USHEALTH Group has set up a specialized wing within the organization for insurance agents called USHEALTH Advisors. The access to latest technology, continuous training, additional support, and more making the advisor group of the firm extremely effective in new customer acquisition through an individualized approach. It should be noted that the company won the Gold Stevie® Award – 2017 for displaying excellent customer service and sales. The firm was chosen as the winner from more than 2,300 nominations.

The products of USHEALTH Group includes some specialized solutions covering dental issues, eye problems, income protector, essential health benefit plans, and more. It also has one of the largest PPO networks in the country with more than 7,500 locations. It covers almost every locality of the country. It should also be noted that the firm has served at least 15 million customers as of today. The visionary leadership of the company is playing a significant role in the growth strategies of it and helping it to come out with highly appealing product solutions to the customers

The company is also committed to various corporate social responsibility programs in a mission to support community initiatives. USHEALTH Advisors formed a help group called Helping Other People Everyday or HOPE to make positive changes in the lives. Many industry bigwigs appreciated the involvement of the group in Hurricane Katrina-hit New Orleans. It also mobilizes various campaigns and raises funds for supporting services. USHEALTH Group has won many industry awards reflecting its integrity to world class customer experience. It won the One Planet Business Award – 2016, CEO World Awards – 2017, Golden Bridge Awards – 2016, and more. Learn more:




USHEALTH Group’s Success In Offering Innovative Healthcare Products And Services

During an annual SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner in June, 26, 2017, CEO World Awards recognized USHEALTH Group’s excellent performance. USHEALTH Group, a health insurance company, was named the Gold Winner in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. CEO World awards celebrate world’s best in organizational performance, leadership, CEO case studies and corporate social responsibility. The award program also acknowledges outstanding new products and services, innovation and milestones.

USHEALTH Group’s award bait was their “Month of HOPE” program that involved over 1,000 employees and agents in changing lives of more than 170,000 individuals nationwide. They achieved this feat by participating in different charities in more than 80 communities. Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH’s CEO, said that the award complements their efforts of improving lives across America. The category of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative involved companies having 100-499 staff members. CEO World Awards accepts submissions from companies, including profit and non-profit, private and public, small and large entities and startups. The award reflects USHEALTH’s commitment to not only corporate roles, but also devotion to various community initiatives.

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With the soaring medical costs, health care has become a major concern for many households in America. Since falling sick is inevitable, no one knows when he or she will face the unfortunate occurrence. Americans are now digging deeper into their pockets for a doctor visit, lab test, prescription drug, counseling or physical therapy. However, these costs can be managed through health insurance covers.

With a proper health insurance cover, patients can access quality health care at a lower cost or benefit from free preventive care or free disease management programs. It is prudent to choose the ideal insurance company that offers the most appropriate policies that match one’s health care needs. USHEALTH Group ranks as one of the leading companies in the world to offer innovative healthcare services. The firm focuses on protecting Americans’ health while ensuring that they are not exposed to financial risks.

USHEALTH Group has built its reputation in the insurance industry due to its flexible, secure and affordable products and services. Boasting of a vast experience of 50 solid years in the industry, the company is keen to offer a full portfolio of coverage plans that meet the specific needs of each client. USHEALTH and its group of companies offer world-class coverage plans for families, individuals, and small business owners. Learn more at about USHealth Group.

They offer dental coverage, critical illness, short-term accident disability income insurance, sickness and accident insurance and life insurance plans. The company offer clients a unique buying experience through their independent sales and retail unit, USHEALTH Advisors. Notably, the corporation has highly trained and licensed agents who help buyers through the entire process of selecting the appropriate plan. Over the years, they have won numerous awards due to their unrivaled expertise in the field.

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USHEALT Advisors Effectiveness – Winning By Working Smart

The USHEALTH Group through its subsidiary company USHEALTH Advisors which consists of well-trained and certified insurance agents offers a wide range of customer specific products. The USHEALTH Advisors offers the products in a manner that fits the concerns the customers most. For low income earners the range of portfolio of products is designed to address measurable benefits in terms of protection for covered services and a series of network discounts offered.

The aim is to avail as many affordable products to this class of consumers as the company can possibly avail. And to achieve such a strategic mission a lot of innovation is needed and the USHEALTH Group has invested heavily towards Identification and development of new insurance products. For high income earners their concernsis not only protection offered by the company but also products that have been tailored to suit the interest of their businesses or health of their loved ones. Since the products are unique to specific customers rather than a group, the insurance products normally require that clients meet a specific level of cost sharing conditions. The USHEALTH Advisors will then tailor flexible, reliable and affordable products.

As a marketing arm of insurance products for a major company, the USHEALTH advisors has through dedicated customer service and instant product delivery turned itself into a market leader. That is despite the many obstacles in the insurance marketing industry. To date many individuals and business owners alike have come to rely on the subsidiary for products that suit their needs and conditions.

That is not to say that there haven’t been challenges in customer service delivery that the Subsidiary has had to look into keenly. Based on the Better Business Bureau files for example, some customers alleged experiencing unprofessional conduct on the part of customer service agents when contacting or while being contacted by the customer service representatives. USHEALTH Advisors swiftly reacted to address the customer concerns and implemented a raft of measures that enhance service delivery.

They first offered unconditional apologies to all affected customers and proceeded to implement a training program compulsorily to all their customer service officials to impart professionalism, compliance and ethics. This has had the effect of improving quality of customer service delivery. Visit:

Rick Shinto’s Right Partnership That Has Developed Innovacare Health

Rick Shinto is the Managing Director and President of InnovaCare Health. He has approximately two decades in the medical field. He is closely supported by the chief administrative officer known as Penelope Kokinnides. Their competent leadership has developed the vision and mission of the company. The company has received the access of the Caring Award from Western University of Medical Sciences. The company is tailor-made to meet the needs of the poor and less fortunate people in the society. The company has the leading health services in North America.

InnovaCare Health is dedicated to quality with affordable prices. They provide health care to people from low social class in the society. The company looks out for the health needs of the poor people due to lack of education and improved health services. Individuals in poverty are assumed to deserve poor services, but InnovaCare Health was created to change this perception in the society. Contact details available at

InnovaCare Health is the leading Medicare that provides quality and affordable services. Many people use it because of its affordability and quality. It provides people with quality drugs that are pocket-friendly. Their healthcare services are easily accessible. This enables most people to use it since its strategy improves the basic health care of individuals. InnovaCare Health has a core value of providing health care other than making profits, unlike most health facilities. This strategy has played a vital role in meeting the needs of its clients. Most people makes it a priority compared to other healthcare services providers.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health is peculiar and driven by the two individuals in charge of the enterprise. The two leaders have seen the attainment of various goals by the company. Shinto’s expertise and academic qualification put him in place to develop the medical healthcare services offered by InnovaCare Health. Penelope is in charge of implementing the strategies so that they can achieve the desired goals. She has worked in different executive boards that make her stand confidently about her leadership skills before working with InnovaCare Health. Her knowledge and experience come in handy on the board because most people affected by poverty and health are women and children. She addresses this position with competence and passion as this is one of the core values at InnovaCare Health. Shinto believes that companies have to remember that they are established to provide care despite the ever-changing design of health care services.

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