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Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi created Kerrisdale Capital Management and also serves as its Chief Investment Officer. After creating Kerrisdale Capital Management back in 2009, Adrangi has prioritized staying heavily engaged in every area of development. In the beginning, Sahm Adrangi launched Kerrisdale Capital Management with just under $1 million. These days, though, the firm currently manages over $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi became most well-known for the firm’s findings that he has published as well as for his short selling strategies. Sahm Adrangi has a habit of spreading his firm’s views concerning stocks that he thinks the market lacks an understanding of. Overhyped shorts and longs that are under-followed are two prominent examples. His findings are extremely important because they challenge long-held misconceptions regarding the future of some companies.

Sahm Adrangi first gained widespread fame as a result of exposing and shorting several illegitimate Chinese companies. Kerrisdale’s work led to China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp later being faced with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement actions. China Marine Food Group, Lihua International and China-Biotics are just a few of the large companies Adrangi’s findings exposed.

During the time that he has continued sharing this information, a variety of different companies and sectors have been looked into. In recent years, however, Adrangi decided to focus on a handful of key sectors with such efforts. The biotechnology sector is one key area in which Adrangi has gained expertise and published influential research about many businesses‘ development phase. In the biotechnology sector, Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Unilife, Sage Therapeutics and Pulse Biosciences are were all reported on.

In the early stages his career in finance, Adrangi was employed by Deutsche Bank, where he performed high-yield and leveraged loan debt financings. When Adrangi was at Chanin Capital Partners, Mr. Adrangi also did consultations with creditor committees. After gaining this formative experience as an investment banker, Adrangi subsequently spent many years working at Longacre Management.

In recent years, Sahm Adrangi has given talks at various investing related conferences. He’s additionally given interviews for internationally recognized newspapers and television networks. Twitter

Tony Petrello Moves From Math Wunderkind to a Tope Paid Executive

In 2014, the Associated Press released its annual list of the world’s best paid executives that is usually a mixture of household names and the business leaders who work hard to build their company into a global leader. The 2014 list was topped by a name that may not be well known to the masses, in the shape of Anthony Petrello, an oil and gas drilling executive with the world’s largest drilling contractor Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello was a leading mathematics prodigy at Yale University where he was mentored by Professor Serge Lang through his time at Yale in the early 1970s and read full article.


As a leading member of the Nabors Industries board since 1991, Anthony Petrello became well known as the man who has overseen the development of the brand into the largest oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. Nabors Industries has become so important to the global oil and gas industry that it is the owner of more than 800 rigs across many of the world’s leading production areas; the former Anglo Energy company has developed its own marine fleet that consists of over 25 vessels that provide impressive options for exploring new areas of oil and gas exploration and that ability to move workers around with ease and what Anthony knows.


Anthony Petrello has been a major figure for many years in the world of business and finance, which saw him become a major figure in the financial markets when he became a business and taxation law specialist at Baker & McKenzie. This basis for the career of Petrello saw him move to his top position as a member of the board at Nabors Industries in 1991 and his ascension through the Board of Directors to the position of Chair in 2012. Alongside his work as a leading financial expert, Anthony Petrello has looked to give back to the community within the Nabors Industries base of Texas with a push to bring greater levels of research and development to the Texas Children’s Hospital where he is an advocate and member of the Board of Trustees and his on Facebook.

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Sawyer Howitt – New and Upcoming Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a high school entrepreneur that has taken a keen interest in business and finance. His talent and knowledge in the industry has been successful, making him a credible source of his father’s business. He is the Project Manager at the Meriwether Group, which provides business and financial services to entrepreneurs. Sawyer Howitt is following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and excelling at great lengths in the field. He is motivated in the industry, and also understands the importance of the operational business needs. Sawyer Howitt takes great consideration in understanding how necessary it is to exemplify excellent customer service as well. He is always looking for new ideas in the marketplace and looking for new ways to better understand the business.

One project he is currently working on reflects his attention to the retail shopping world. He is working on the understanding and proper use of RFID technology that will enhance and increase the speed for retail shopping. His vision is to implement the technology into retail stores that will allow customers to purchase what they want without having to wait in long lines or deal with faulty cash registers. It will automatically charge your purchase through the use of the new innovative technology.

Sawyer Howitt, the high school entrepreneur, is also known for his racquetball skills. He plays for the Oregon Racquetball Club located in Portland. He also spends his time in the community volunteering as a mentor for the troubled youth and is indefinitely a supporter of education funding.

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