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Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Husein Sachedina is a well-known dental surgeon in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sachedina was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1950. He received his dental surgeon degree from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He also attended the University of London and spent most of his medical practice in England.

He was appointed as a director in different institutions like The Horsham Clinic Limited. He was appointed head of the UK Ismaili community in 1996. As the Ismali community leader, Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s responsibilities include coordinating programs and various activities in the Institutions 16 neighborhood areas.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina also works at the Jamati Institution of Aga Khan Foundation. Dr. Sachedina is positioned as the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan, and he is a member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has always held entrepreneurial positions and interests in the health and wellness field. In 1985 Dr. Shafik Sachedina helped to co-found the Sussex Health Care institute with Shiraz Boghani.

Sussex Health Care is a wellness, healthcare and support facility located in Sussex, England. For over 25 years, the Sussex Health Care organization has provided quality personalized service to the aged and disabled individuals suffering from dementia, neurological problems, Parkinson disease, Huntington, and brain injuries.

Sussex Health Care is known for the type of services provided to their residents, including reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. The proficient healthcare staff takes care of each patient with great skill and as such as been awarded the Level 5 Diploma in Professional practice given by the University of Chichester.

Sussex Health Care sponsors several independent ensuite facilities where the elderly, the mentally, and physically receive distinct types of therapeutic interventions. Dr. Sachedina and Sussex Health Care recognizes that each of their residents should have leisure and recreational activities to better improve their health.

The experienced Sussex Health Care staff ensures that their patients receive lots of indoor and outdoor activities while also teaching them, where possible, new learning skills. Sussex Health Care under the leadership of Dr. Sachedina remains a leading provider of nursing care in the Sussex area.

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Superior Care at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985. It has experienced exponential growth over its 30 plus years and currently has 600 beds throughout 20 homes. In the hands of experienced and caring staff, Sussex Healthcare offers personalised care with careful attention to detail making their care facilities feel like home with safety and genuine care guaranteed.

What makes them different?

Sussex Healthcare has achieved accreditation from the Health Quality Service (HQS) in 2002, earned the Investors in People Standard, and achieved International standard ISO 9000:2000 in 2005. Sussex Healthcare is the only independent care home provider in the UK to have achieved both accreditations from HQS and ISO 9000:2000. Staff selection is based on specialty experience and ability to provide quality care.

What kind of care is provided?

Specialty care tailored to individual needs is provided, you will find the base of all care provided is centered on dignity, improvement of health, and ensured independence and safety.

Areas of focus are:

  • Elderly care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • Neurological care
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties care (PMLD)

Sussex Healthcare has made every effort to provide locally sourced ingredients making for delicious healthy meals.

What type of equipment do they have at their new facility?

Sussex Healthcare realises quality care is dependent upon advancements made and incorporating them in day-to-day care. Administering current quality care has become possible through the newly built gym near Horsham. Residents will be able to use the fully equipped gym for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment. The gym equipment is state-of-the-art! These healing and therapeutic sessions are made possible with the expert care from the staff. They specialise in respiratory and neurology, musculoskeletal, and many more. Because care is tailored to individual needs, and attainable goals are set. The range of care includes exercises that focus on: posture, balance, mobility, stretching, strength training, gait re-education, standing practice, and overall endurance.

Why choose Sussex Healthcare?

Certainly families want to provide their loved ones with the best care possible. When capacities have reached their maximum it can be very stressful to find a facility that truly cares. Sussex Healthcare has high quality staff and facilities, and provides a wide range of activities and amenities. Here at Sussex Healthcare you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is well looked after!

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Jeremy Goldstein, A Key Player in New York Law

Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates has offered some guidance to help employers and employees. His advice is for companies to consider offering “knockout options” in place of traditional stock options. There are many benefits to using this method.


Knockout options work by still offering stock options, however, the value of the stocks can only drop to a certain point before they are sold. This offers the employee the security of knowing their investment is safe. It gives the employer the benefit of still being able to offer the benefit without having to worry about it dropping to nothing and affecting employee loyalty and morale. Companies also benefit from a reduced accounting burden. The employer no longer has to constantly monitor the stock to make adjustments. Jeremy Goldstein asserts that this idea is in the best interest of both employers and employees.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in his recently opened boutique law firm. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates focuses on corporate law, more specifically, corporate governance. His experience includes being a partner, also in a widely recognized law firm. He’s represented and taken on many large corporations, many of them being in the Fortune 500. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and also has a bachelors and masters degree in art history. He’s been widely recognized and has contributed to scholarly publications. Among these publications are Harvard University and NYU’s Journal of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein also has been involved in charity work. He’s helped the mentally ill in areas like homelessness and addiction. He’s also worked on behalf of children’s charities. Goldstein is clearly a well rounded and highly skilled attorney. He’s certainly a professional to look out for. As he continues to grow his firm, Goldstein continues to be a key player in the New York legal scene.


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Life Line Screening Providing Comprehensive List of Health Screenings

It is essential that people go for health screenings at regular intervals to ensure that their body is functioning well and there are no diseases that are developing inside without showing any noticeable signs outside. It is often seen that people do notice some symptoms of any developing illness or health concerns in their body, but still refrain from going to a doctor or getting their health screened. Many times, the symptoms of a deadly disease can be prevalent as a regular headache or fatigue, but if you do not give heed to it when it is persistent, it can lead to bigger troubles for you in the future.

The simplest way to keep such troubles away from you is to go for health screenings at regular intervals. One of the most reputed clinics that offer health screenings in the United States is Life Line Screenings. It started its operations in 1993 and is a community-based health screenings provider.

Life Line Screenings offer a wide variety of health screenings, starting from for type 2 diabetes screening to atrial fibrillation screening and from health risk assessment to chronic kidney disease, and much more. You can consult with your physician if you are facing any health issues and he/she would guide you as to which health screenings you should go for to detect the cause of the health problems you are facing.

In today’s date, the lifestyle of the people has deteriorated drastically, and they need to make sure that they go for health checkups every few months. It helps in ensuring that the body is not suffering from any health problems that need immediate treatment. Starting treatment at the right time can help in saving lives, and it is what Life Line Screening aims to do for its clients. If you are going for health screening at Life Line Screening, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that you can quickly remove.

As in many of the health screening, you might have to remove your clothes or change into the clinic gown; it is best to wear clothes that take lesser time in undressing and dressing. Also, do not wear makeup or put any kind of cream or lotion on your body. Make sure that you have a light meal before the health screening and not wearing a watch or any other accessories. Phones are not allowed during the health screening as well. Read more:



USHEALT Advisors Effectiveness – Winning By Working Smart

The USHEALTH Group through its subsidiary company USHEALTH Advisors which consists of well-trained and certified insurance agents offers a wide range of customer specific products. The USHEALTH Advisors offers the products in a manner that fits the concerns the customers most. For low income earners the range of portfolio of products is designed to address measurable benefits in terms of protection for covered services and a series of network discounts offered.

The aim is to avail as many affordable products to this class of consumers as the company can possibly avail. And to achieve such a strategic mission a lot of innovation is needed and the USHEALTH Group has invested heavily towards Identification and development of new insurance products. For high income earners their concernsis not only protection offered by the company but also products that have been tailored to suit the interest of their businesses or health of their loved ones. Since the products are unique to specific customers rather than a group, the insurance products normally require that clients meet a specific level of cost sharing conditions. The USHEALTH Advisors will then tailor flexible, reliable and affordable products.

As a marketing arm of insurance products for a major company, the USHEALTH advisors has through dedicated customer service and instant product delivery turned itself into a market leader. That is despite the many obstacles in the insurance marketing industry. To date many individuals and business owners alike have come to rely on the subsidiary for products that suit their needs and conditions.

That is not to say that there haven’t been challenges in customer service delivery that the Subsidiary has had to look into keenly. Based on the Better Business Bureau files for example, some customers alleged experiencing unprofessional conduct on the part of customer service agents when contacting or while being contacted by the customer service representatives. USHEALTH Advisors swiftly reacted to address the customer concerns and implemented a raft of measures that enhance service delivery.

They first offered unconditional apologies to all affected customers and proceeded to implement a training program compulsorily to all their customer service officials to impart professionalism, compliance and ethics. This has had the effect of improving quality of customer service delivery. Visit:


In business, it takes more than just the willingness to make profit in order to succeed. There must be good leadership and appropriate synchronization of strategies to have more client.In fact, it takes more than just strategies to reach out to clients. From understanding client demand to internalizing the eventual outcome of certain moves, it is important to keep up with what the client needs.If there is a brand that has managed to successfully venture into business and apply the mentioned strategies, it is Fabletics. With the availability of good leadership, the brand has succeeded in pleasing clients. In fact, Fabletics has outdone Amazon, a brand that was known for being a champion in online marketing.




Fabletics was established with a healthy woman as the objective. Kate Hudson has been on the front line of building this brand into what it is today. What makes it tick in the fashion industry is the fact that often, the management focuses on client feedback. Well, for most business professionals,client feedback navigates the production process. That is why with Fabletics, this is the main agenda of the business. Fabletics has invested in what the client has to say about the brand. Through the client reviews, the management delivers what has been asked. With Kate as the head cheerleader, the management has succeeded in giving clients what they need.




Another strategy implemented by Fabletics is the reverse showroom. This is not the typical showroom that most businesses use. It roots from what the client demands online. The name generates from the understanding of what a client needs. Often, clients order for apparels online. To supply the orders, extensive research is done on what the client has ordered. That is how this brand has managed to keep clients ordering for more apparels. There determination to reach out to customers is impressive.




Through excellent leadership, Kate Hudson, the prominent model and actress has managed to transform the fashion world with a bang. Her determination to produce comfortable apparels for women reflects her values for healthy lifestyle and fitness. Kate is hopeful that Fabletics will grow further with her help in hand. She uses unique blue prints that set her apart as a team leader. In her team, she facilitates growth through customer care support and constant research to understand her clients. To Kate, there is more to a brand than just making profits. She internalizes client’s needs by focusing on their lifestyles and cultural preferences.

Orange Coast College Unveils New Recycling Center

The new, $7.5 million, recycling center on the campus of Orange Coast College was recently revealed during a ceremony showcasing the new facility. On 5 acres, it replaces a much smaller recycling center which was limited to 1 acre of space. It will help to further fulfill the college’s commitment to education as well as recycling as it has classrooms and offices in addition to other spaces. It will also be able to help a great deal more people recycle as it has 45 places to park while the older facility could only provide eight such spaces.

Orange Coast College has operated a recycling program for five decades. People throughout the area, not just students, drop off materials to be recycled such as newspapers, plastic bottles, cans, and scrap metal. They are also able to handle electronic waste including older printers, tv’s, monitors, and computer systems. They also can accept other waste such as small batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, as well as cooking oils.

In addition to providing a place for people to recycle their waste, Orange Coast College has used this facility to create jobs. Over the years thousands of people, usually students, have worked at their facility in order to earn a salary and do good for the community and environment. In fact, the mayor in which the college is located, Costa Mesa, California, has named their recycling center as one of the big economic drivers in her city.

Orange Coast College is a two-year community college which is located on 164-acres near the Pacific Ocean. It held its first classes and 1948 and over the years many of the students have graduated with an associates degree and have furthered their education at a four-year university. They also offer certificate programs to those who want to quickly gain the job skills they need for a career. Learn more:

One of the things that Orange Coast College is most known for is its public nautical programs. Easy access to the ocean helps to make their program one of the most celebrated such programs in the united states. Learn more:


Amicus Therapeutics Designs Clinical Programs That Focuses On Genetic Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based in New Jersey. They are a business led, a science-driven company that delivers meaningful benefits to patients. Their product development is largely based on a Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy platform. The product is concentrated on the development of enzyme replacement therapies. Amicus Therapeutics doesn’t have manufacturing capabilities of its own. They rely on contract manufacturing. The company was founded in 2002, however, they went public in 2007. They opened a second site that is research only in 2008. This site is located in San Diego, California (


In 2010 Amicus Therapeutics received grants from the Michael J Fox Foundation and The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. In 2013 obtained Callidus Biopharma, which consisted of obtaining proprietary materials and intellectual properties for enzyme replacement. In the early months of 2014 Amicus Therapeutics didn’t have any marketed products. They obtained the company Scioderm in 2015. their Chief Executive Officer John F (Indeed). Crowley became the Chairman of the Board in 2010. The company that has a robust pipeline of treatments for a range of genetic diseases, has an intern program.


Amicus Therapeutics has an advanced pipeline and platform of technologies that put them at the forefront of developing therapies. The company has 4 different programs in place. Those programs consist of 3 clinical programs and a pre-clinical program. One of the clinical programs is the Fabry Disease Program. The program is developing an oral pharmacological chaperone for the treatment.


Another program is Epidermolysis Bullosa. This program develops the topical therapy SD-101 for the treatment of skin blistering and lesions associated with EB. The third clinical program is Pompe Disease. This program leverages biologics and Chaperone-Advanced Replacement therapy, also known as CHART, to develop ATB200/AT2221. The pre-clinical programs give the company the ability to leverage biologics capabilities to expand. Some of the preclinical programs are Lysosomal Storage Disorders and CDKL5 Deficiencies.

Osteoarthritis Treatment Experts in Denver at Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute provides osteoarthritis sufferers state-of-the-art treatment options that enable them to surpass the aches, pains, and stiffness accompanying this common type of Arthritis. Located in Denver, the caring team of professionals at the ORI delivers treatment that provides results.


What is Osteoarthritis?


Osteoarthritis is the most common of the 100 types of Arthritis, affecting some As a degenerative disease, there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis, however, ample treatments ensure those affected by the condition maintain the quality of life for a long time to come.


More than 27 million Americans are affected by osteoarthritis, causing them pain and stiffness in the joints, especially when waking up in the morning. These pains are experienced due to the breakdown of cartilage in the joints. Although older women are most likely to experience osteoarthritis, the condition can affect anyone, at any age.


Osteoarthritis isn’t preventable. If your parents suffered from the condition, it’s safe to say you should prepare now. Lifestyle changes can minimize the risks, however, so do look for simple ways to improve the way that you live. Losing weight if you are overweight or obese is a good starting point. Also, if you smoke, stop now. Lead an active lifestyle, and be sure that exercise is on the daily agenda.


Osteoarthritis Treatment Experts


Osteo Relief Institute provides one-on-one care to patients, focusing on their specific needs and customizing a treatment plan suitable to those needs. Each patient is different and deserves the personalized care offered at the Institute. Only with personalized, attentive care can you begin the road to osteoarthritis relief.


Osteo Relief Institute employees some of the most talented osteoarthritis experts in the area (EdgewaterRelief). When you’re ready to alleviate the pain this condition drops on your shoulders, Osteo Relief Institute can help you get the relief you seek.

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A Journey into Dr. Villanueva’s Dentistry World

As patients tend to think their visit to the dentist is not a pleasant idea, the dentist does not have it easy either. They have to see to it that accuracy in treatment is met. It takes experience and a whole lot of dedication to be good at it. MB2 Dental delivers great practice to expertise in the field. The company just came from its bi-annual Owners retreat in Mexico. It had been attended by 40 dentists accompanied by their spouses.

Dr. Villanueva, the MB2 Founder and CEO says that the drive behind the company’s incredible work is in balancing work and leisure. The retreats have contributed to relaxing the dentists and refuels the effort they need to put at work thus they come back from these retreats more determined and with a stress free mind to go back to work. It has become an essential tradition in the field. They get the time to bond and mold each other from one dentist to another during that period. It is a unique program that is rare at other institutions.

Chris strongly believes in team work rather than individuality in the field of dentistry. He is incredibly active in his practice earning him more profession in his career. MB2 considers its dentists are saving them their energy and time by letting them focus on the matter at hand which is their specialty.

After school, Dr. Villanueva was in a Dilemma between getting into a large group practice or private practice. Both were appealing, and each had its advantages, he opted to go for MB2 which offered both of those services. It was the best choice he could ever make. Chris likes to interact with intelligent people who always pose challenges to him and keep his creativity flowing.

MB2 had re-innovated the dentistry occupation. It doesn’t have to be all dull and boring all the time. It has created a new approach not only for dentists but also patients. Traditional methods are becoming monotonous hence the urge to develop such a profession and break the ice a little bit.

Chris encourages people to be flexible when it comes to facing challenges in life. Ego should not dominate at any career and that a laugh once in a while is good to lighten the mood. He is married to a physician wife with four children and having a family gets him to relate to other dentists at work and understand their situations. He is a good role model and a mentor to the other doctors.