Madison Street Capital Clinches M&A Advisor Awards during the 16th Annual Ceremony

The award of Debt Financing Deal of the Year, organized by M&A Advisor Award, was clinched by Madison Street Capital in November 2017. The award ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Club in New York. Madison won the award for its finesse in dealing with WLR Automotive.


M&A has honored the most influential and successive companies in acquisitions deals and mergers. This it has done from 2002 to date. Madison beat more than 650 companies, all of whom were in contention for the award. David Fergusson, the M&A Advisor President and Chief Executive presented the award to Madison Street Capital. He said that the company had stood out from a list of highly qualified and deserving companies. Madison Street Capital reputation went through the roof following the clinching of this respectable accolade.


While receiving the M&A Advisor Award, Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, congratulated WLR Automotive on the award winning transaction. He also praised Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director.


Madison Street Capital also made it to the finalist of the Boutique Investment Banker of the year. The gala was attended by the cream of the industry. Equally interesting was the awarding of Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld, the New York’s ACG Executive Director. Bobby was presented with the Tom Farrell Memorial Award. Another top official to be awarded was Winchester Capital CEO and Chairman Caesar N. Anquillare.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital, a renowned banking firm, commits all its practice and transactions to excellence and integrity. It delivers advice on financial options, merger deals and acquisition expertise. It also offers financial opinions both to public and private businesses. Madison Capital is convinced that the provision of these services enables clients to make informed decisions and meet their set objectives.


Madison’s view of emerging markets is that this is core to driving global growth of its clients. It is for this reason that Madison insists on focusing assets on these new markets. The professionalism with which Madison operates has lured clients from across the globe.


The operations of Madison are global. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Madison also has a presence in Asia and Africa. Restructuring, valuation, hedge fund services are some of the areas that the company deals.



Of The M&A Advisor


M&A Advisor was founded to offer intelligence and assistance on matters of mergers. Acquisitions are also handled by this advisor. With this objective, the firm has grown so much so that it is a leader in the world as far as corporate financing, restructuring, mergers, corporate finance and acquisitions is concern. It has two main offices: New York and London.


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