Jeremy Goldstein, A Key Player in New York Law

Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates has offered some guidance to help employers and employees. His advice is for companies to consider offering “knockout options” in place of traditional stock options. There are many benefits to using this method.


Knockout options work by still offering stock options, however, the value of the stocks can only drop to a certain point before they are sold. This offers the employee the security of knowing their investment is safe. It gives the employer the benefit of still being able to offer the benefit without having to worry about it dropping to nothing and affecting employee loyalty and morale. Companies also benefit from a reduced accounting burden. The employer no longer has to constantly monitor the stock to make adjustments. Jeremy Goldstein asserts that this idea is in the best interest of both employers and employees.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in his recently opened boutique law firm. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates focuses on corporate law, more specifically, corporate governance. His experience includes being a partner, also in a widely recognized law firm. He’s represented and taken on many large corporations, many of them being in the Fortune 500. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and also has a bachelors and masters degree in art history. He’s been widely recognized and has contributed to scholarly publications. Among these publications are Harvard University and NYU’s Journal of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein also has been involved in charity work. He’s helped the mentally ill in areas like homelessness and addiction. He’s also worked on behalf of children’s charities. Goldstein is clearly a well rounded and highly skilled attorney. He’s certainly a professional to look out for. As he continues to grow his firm, Goldstein continues to be a key player in the New York legal scene.


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