October, 2017

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In business, it takes more than just the willingness to make profit in order to succeed. There must be good leadership and appropriate synchronization of strategies to have more client.In fact, it takes more than just strategies to reach out to clients. From understanding client demand to internalizing the eventual outcome of certain moves, it is important to keep up with what the client needs.If there is a brand that has managed to successfully venture into business and apply the mentioned strategies, it is Fabletics. With the availability of good leadership, the brand has succeeded in pleasing clients. In fact, Fabletics has outdone Amazon, a brand that was known for being a champion in online marketing.




Fabletics was established with a healthy woman as the objective. Kate Hudson has been on the front line of building this brand into what it is today. What makes it tick in the fashion industry is the fact that often, the management focuses on client feedback. Well, for most business professionals,client feedback navigates the production process. That is why with Fabletics, this is the main agenda of the business. Fabletics has invested in what the client has to say about the brand. Through the client reviews, the management delivers what has been asked. With Kate as the head cheerleader, the management has succeeded in giving clients what they need.




Another strategy implemented by Fabletics is the reverse showroom. This is not the typical showroom that most businesses use. It roots from what the client demands online. The name generates from the understanding of what a client needs. Often, clients order for apparels online. To supply the orders, extensive research is done on what the client has ordered. That is how this brand has managed to keep clients ordering for more apparels. There determination to reach out to customers is impressive.




Through excellent leadership, Kate Hudson, the prominent model and actress has managed to transform the fashion world with a bang. Her determination to produce comfortable apparels for women reflects her values for healthy lifestyle and fitness. Kate is hopeful that Fabletics will grow further with her help in hand. She uses unique blue prints that set her apart as a team leader. In her team, she facilitates growth through customer care support and constant research to understand her clients. To Kate, there is more to a brand than just making profits. She internalizes client’s needs by focusing on their lifestyles and cultural preferences.