Paul Mampilly: The Multimillion Man

There is no doubt that Paul Mampilly is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. According to his recent newsletter, nothing is stopping the investor from making huge profits. One of these popular journals, known as Profits Unlimited proves how successful the businessman has been over the years. The newsletter already has more than sixty thousand subscribers at the moment, and it is also famed to be one of the fastest growing newsletters in the United States. The businessman decided to start the newsletter to help the middle-class investors in the world make more profits on their investments.

As the leader of the most successful hedge funds in the country, the businessman felt that he was only making money for the rich while ignoring the ordinary people. This realization motivated him to start a forum where he could help the citizens. Every month, Mampilly ensures that his subscribers get a copy of the newsletter, recommending the stocks they should acquire in the market. The businessman also gives his subscribers an update on the stocks using his website. Individuals who have been following him in the past have made a lot of profits in the competitive industry.

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Paul Mampilly started his successful career just like any other ordinary person. After completing his education, the businessman went to look for employment in several companies. Although his family was in India, the entrepreneur began his career in the United States where he worked as a research assistant in an institution known as Deutsche Bank.

His successful career at the bank helped the businessman rise quickly to better and more prominent positions where he could manage multimillion dollar accounts for clients. He was later on hired by the Kinetic International Fund where he was in charge of a six billion hedge fund. In a very short time, the fund grew significantly, and it registered a profit of over twenty-five billion. The hedge fund manager was also participating in a contest where he proved his excellent skills. Although he was managing a fund during the financial crisis, it grew significantly, shocking many people in the country.

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