Nathaniel Ru and The Growth of His Business, Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is a young entrepreneur, who is invested in the healthy food provision industry. He is a co-founder and co-CEO of the reputable Sweetgreen, one of the leading healthy foods chains of restaurants in the US. He started the business with his college best friends, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman.


The three friends began the Sweetgreen business back when they were in college. They were a semester away from completing their degrees and they so happened to have the idea to start a healthy food kitchen around where they lived. This is because they were having trouble getting a decent food place near their area. So, they set out to look for a location and that is when they identified a tavern that lay on M Street.


After identifying the ideal location in the middle of Downtown, the three wrote a business plan and took it to the landlord. She gave them a chance, and that was the beginning of an industry giant. Soon, their restaurant began, with the core goal of provide healthy foods to people. They would be more than a place to get a salad. Their business would be somewhere that everyone could depend on getting a decent meal while at the same time impacting change on the community.


Their philosophy, of thinking why before what, is what has gotten Nathaniel Ru and his business partners this far. Just like apple, they first consider the needs of their clients, which in this case is healthy recipes, and later on find way of delivering this. With Sweetgreen, it is not just about delivering salads. They have found an innovative way of delivering in-season recipes. They have contracts with farmers and they deliver the healthiest recipes that these farmers have. No wonder, you will always find all their outlets flocked.


As business continues to boom, the three CEOs continue to find more way to make their business models efficient. They noticed that people really liked their products but that one of the biggest problems that these people were having was staying in line and waiting for their orders. As a result, they began an app where you could order your food and receive an alert when it was ready. This reduced the amount of time that one had to wait in line. As such, they continue to make technology a very big part of their business.


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