June, 2017

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Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Continue to Impress

The Swiss are known for their precision and attention to detail and the experience with Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is in line with this stereotype. Baur is a former Swiss Banker and a present day digital entrepreneur. The Swiss Startup Factory is a partnership between Baur and two other partners. The Factory is privately held and is deemed the top accelerator in Switzerland. This early stage ICT Startup Accelerator is widely respected and always included in any list of the country’s top tech accelerators.


After his successful 20 year stint in investment banking, Baur turned his attention to the tech industry and what he thought was the lack of Swiss organizations that helped to foster advancement in the tech arena. In addition to the work that he has accomplished with the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur is the Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup Association. Baur has an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York state and also earned an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


In his role as Cofounder and Executive Chairman at the Swiss Startup Factory Baur is responsible for the financing rounds for the accelerator. He also handles the responsibilities associated with fundraising. The accelerator provides its projects with a three-month intensive program during which they provide funding as well as access to a large and significant network of investment and capital partners as well as other professionals. The accelerator also gives mentorship and a physical space for the early-stage startups to work. This program has proven extremely successful in the ensuing years since its inception in 2014.


Baur believes that Switzerland can make many important and impactful contributions to the world of tech through its many young entrepreneurs. By providing the services associated with this accelerator, the Swiss Startup Factory is raising the profile of Swiss entrepreneurs while also enabling early-stage startups to more quickly reach an impactful place where they can see their work take hold. By disrupting industries and business models that are outmoded, young tech entrepreneurs are paving the way to a bright future and Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are right there with them to help with their success.


From a decades-long career in investment banking to his role at the forefront of the Swiss technology industry, Mike Baur has his finger on the pulse of the next wave of successful entrepreneurs and future disruptors.

Logan Stout Leads IDLife To Partner With Garmin International

ID Life, LLC is a company that shares simple ways of leading healthy lifestyles with people. The company offers high-quality vitamins and products in America. Customers have praised the company for the good results experienced after using the products.

According to a report by fitness News Desk, ID Life announced its plans of partnering with Garmin International Inc. Garmin deals with wearable device technology. The two companies were planning to start working together at the beginning of June 1, 2017.

ID Life Company will be stocking Garmin’s line and IndexTM Smart that can track activities. ID Life was also planning to integrate Garmin’s wearable data in IDWellness mobile app. This will make it easy for ID Life customers to manage their health and wellness journey. This will be one of the ways of ID Life of equipping its customers with the right tools to guide them in leading a healthy life.

Garmin’s Index Smart Scale displays a person’s weight and is also capable of connecting to WiFi and measures several key metrics such as body mass index (BMI), the percentage of water in your body, body fat and skeletal muscle mass. Garmin devices give smart notifications, activity profiles that track workouts. They also detect activities automatically

About Logan Stout
Logan Stout is a graduate of the University of Dallas where he owns degrees in Psychology and Business. He is an entrepreneur that owns businesses in companies most of which he founded. Most of these businesses are in health and fitness. He is the Founder and CEO of ID Life since 2013, Founder of Defining Success since 2013, Founder and CEO of Premier Baseball Academy and Founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots Inc. since 2000. He has been an author and a motivational speaker since 2005.

Logan Stout is married to Haley and together have two sons. They live in Frisco, Texas. He has partnered with his wife in charitable organizations where they do a lot of philanthropic work. Together, they founded the Youth Athletes Association in America.

Learn more about Logan Stout: http://www.nutritiouseats.com/idlife-2/

Tony Petrello Moves From Math Wunderkind to a Tope Paid Executive

In 2014, the Associated Press released its annual list of the world’s best paid executives that is usually a mixture of household names and the business leaders who work hard to build their company into a global leader. The 2014 list was topped by a name that may not be well known to the masses, in the shape of Anthony Petrello, an oil and gas drilling executive with the world’s largest drilling contractor Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello was a leading mathematics prodigy at Yale University where he was mentored by Professor Serge Lang through his time at Yale in the early 1970s and read full article.


As a leading member of the Nabors Industries board since 1991, Anthony Petrello became well known as the man who has overseen the development of the brand into the largest oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. Nabors Industries has become so important to the global oil and gas industry that it is the owner of more than 800 rigs across many of the world’s leading production areas; the former Anglo Energy company has developed its own marine fleet that consists of over 25 vessels that provide impressive options for exploring new areas of oil and gas exploration and that ability to move workers around with ease and what Anthony knows.


Anthony Petrello has been a major figure for many years in the world of business and finance, which saw him become a major figure in the financial markets when he became a business and taxation law specialist at Baker & McKenzie. This basis for the career of Petrello saw him move to his top position as a member of the board at Nabors Industries in 1991 and his ascension through the Board of Directors to the position of Chair in 2012. Alongside his work as a leading financial expert, Anthony Petrello has looked to give back to the community within the Nabors Industries base of Texas with a push to bring greater levels of research and development to the Texas Children’s Hospital where he is an advocate and member of the Board of Trustees and his on Facebook.

Other Reference: https://twitter.com/tony_petrello