Kim Dao Beauty products

Young you-tuber named Kim Dao has over 100 videos of her lifestyle and beauty tips/products she uses or knows about throughout her daily life. She has over 300,000 subscribers within her channel, and has very supportive followers. In one of her videos named “The best Korean makeup” she explains briefly each item and it’s purpose which can be found on this link Kim Dao does go over different products and its uses like eye shadow palettes,brow kits,brow peel,blush,foundation,Line Nuance Duo,eye liners and etc. It is a very detailed video and swatches she uses to explain with each product. Like a brow peel which is put on the brows until it dries up and is soon removed leaving the stain on the brows, giving a new technique on makeup and what Korean’s use. Another example of an item Kim Dao describes on it use, is a palette which she uses to apply it on top of her eye lid, which she uses the product and a blending brush to add multiple colors and then blending. As Kim Dao  is giving detail on how the item is added on the lid, she explained the quality of the item and how pigmented it was, which is a vital thing in the make up world. Kim Dao was very informative on how she provided different products as well as she explains how they can be applied on the face. Overall she is an amazing person and if your interest is on makeup you should take the time to check out her fun and interesting channel.


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  1. Amy Messiah says:

    The question that remain unanswered is where and which beauty products are the sources of her beauty that made it possible for her to pull such a crowd to follow her? Not minding rushessay best and articles presented last week on this, they subscribe to the fact that may be Wen products may be partly involved. But is true, she did not mention any, possibly, she uses the conmbination of this and others.