Fabletics Becomes Much More Visible With More Stores

Consumers that have seen the success of Fabletics online may wonder why there is a need for physical stores. What Kate Hudson is trying to do is give people a chance to shop inside of Fabletics. First, they will have to become familiar with the brand and find out if there is anything that they would actually like to look for in the stores. That is why the reverse showrooming on the website is so important. That gives her an online storefront to get customers intrigued about what she is selling, and then she has to ability to lure consumers with this. People do not have to guess what is inside of the store because they have access to a wide range of things. They can see what is available through the website, and this builds a great anticipation for what is available in the store.


That is the reason that so many people have to come fans of the Fabletics site. They get the chance to see new selections and then go into brick and mortar stores to try on things that they have seen on the web. It definitely is a win-win situation for someone like Kate Hudson. She has a fan base that is huge, and she has the ability to track people through social media. She is advertising sales and stays wired into what her consumers are looking for.


This is going to be one of the best ways to bring forth shoppers. They may see things on the internet and not do any shopping, but they will come into the stores. It is true that e-Commerce is taking over, and apps have made it much easier to shop this way. Nevertheless, there are still people that are going to want to go into a dressing room and try something on.


The other thing that she was planning to do was create an atmosphere where people could see clothes online and make a connection with a physical store. This is the reverse show casing that she did in order to gain an audience. She wanted to open more brick and mortar stores, and she is planning to do this in a very big way in the next 5 years. Now more than 100 stores are coming into place, and this will heighten the awareness of this Fabletics brand. She is making stores openings her main focus.

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