Squaw Valley Looks To Complete Its Water Quality Return

The historic ski resort at Squaw Valley is well known for its location and impressive ski slopes, but a recent water quality issue has seen the resort forced to shut off the water supply to a small part of the resort’s Upper Mountain region. Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney was explaining the water quality issue to provide as much information as possible to the public and to reassure visitors are aware they face no possibility of being affected by the contaminated water; the contamination was caused by a major rain event that struck Placer County and caused an inundation of contaminated water flooding a number of wells in this area of California.


Liesl Kenney was quick to explain how the resorts own water quality safety procedures had proven a success, particularly as the E.Coli and Coliform found within the water was discovered and self reported before any visitor could be offered any drinking water that was contaminated; no medical issues or illnesses have so far been linked to the outbreak in what Squaw Valley officials are seeing as a major success.


The attempts to reduce the contamination seen in the drinking water in four wells serving the isolated Gold Coast and High Camp have so far proven a success after Placer County Environmental Health officials and independent water quality experts came together to fight the problems already identified. Placer County Environmental Health spokesperson Wesley Nicks explained three wells have already shown no E.Coli contamination and only limited levels of Coliform still within the wells. Liesl Kenney was also keen to reassure visitors to the resort that no contaminated water will ever be offered to guests and complimentary bottled water is being made available to visitors to the slopes, which remain open from the top to bottom of the mountain.

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