March, 2017

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Samuel Strauch is Causing Ripples in the Miami Beach-based Real Estate Market

The residential real estate market of Miami Beach has cooled off substantially in the past year. However, the market is not crashing. Instead, it is showing some definite signs of stability. Douglas Elliman, a brokerage firm, collaborated with Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants to study the status of real estate market in Miami Beach. Their study revealed that the market was gaining stability at a fast-paced rate.

Jay Parker’s Views

The CEO of Douglas Elliman, Jay Parker, stated that the Miami Beach real estate market has never gained stability despite recording enormous growth over the past few years. He said that the cooling off is one of the signs of a market that is gaining stability.

The report established that number of homes sold in Miami Beach, particularly in the second quarter of 2016, declined by 25 percent compared to 2015. The downtown Miami and its neighboring suburbs recorded a 12.5 percent decline in home sales. Surprisingly, the percentage sales remained above historical averages.

Samuel Strauch

Since obtaining his license over a decade ago, Samuel Strauch has been offering real estate services in Florida. He is currently a senior staff at the renowned Affinity Realty Group headquartered in Miami. Strauch has overseen transactions in various areas, such as Hollywood, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Miami Beach, and Miami. Due to his exceptional skills as a real estate agent, Strauch has earned high-status ranking from the HomeLight ranks. For instance, the organization ranked Samuel Strauch to be among the top 12 percent of Miami Beach-based agents for selling several homes successfully.

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HomeLight also classified Samuel Strauch as one of the top 16 real estate agents who sell homes quickly. The organization has preserved some of the high-profile transactions that Samuel Strauch has overseen since 2009. Strauch has represented both buyers and sellers in numerous transactions.


Squaw Valley Looks To Complete Its Water Quality Return

The historic ski resort at Squaw Valley is well known for its location and impressive ski slopes, but a recent water quality issue has seen the resort forced to shut off the water supply to a small part of the resort’s Upper Mountain region. Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney was explaining the water quality issue to provide as much information as possible to the public and to reassure visitors are aware they face no possibility of being affected by the contaminated water; the contamination was caused by a major rain event that struck Placer County and caused an inundation of contaminated water flooding a number of wells in this area of California.


Liesl Kenney was quick to explain how the resorts own water quality safety procedures had proven a success, particularly as the E.Coli and Coliform found within the water was discovered and self reported before any visitor could be offered any drinking water that was contaminated; no medical issues or illnesses have so far been linked to the outbreak in what Squaw Valley officials are seeing as a major success.


The attempts to reduce the contamination seen in the drinking water in four wells serving the isolated Gold Coast and High Camp have so far proven a success after Placer County Environmental Health officials and independent water quality experts came together to fight the problems already identified. Placer County Environmental Health spokesperson Wesley Nicks explained three wells have already shown no E.Coli contamination and only limited levels of Coliform still within the wells. Liesl Kenney was also keen to reassure visitors to the resort that no contaminated water will ever be offered to guests and complimentary bottled water is being made available to visitors to the slopes, which remain open from the top to bottom of the mountain.

Rick Shinto’s Right Partnership That Has Developed Innovacare Health

Rick Shinto is the Managing Director and President of InnovaCare Health. He has approximately two decades in the medical field. He is closely supported by the chief administrative officer known as Penelope Kokinnides. Their competent leadership has developed the vision and mission of the company. The company has received the access of the Caring Award from Western University of Medical Sciences. The company is tailor-made to meet the needs of the poor and less fortunate people in the society. The company has the leading health services in North America.

InnovaCare Health is dedicated to quality with affordable prices. They provide health care to people from low social class in the society. The company looks out for the health needs of the poor people due to lack of education and improved health services. Individuals in poverty are assumed to deserve poor services, but InnovaCare Health was created to change this perception in the society. Contact details available at

InnovaCare Health is the leading Medicare that provides quality and affordable services. Many people use it because of its affordability and quality. It provides people with quality drugs that are pocket-friendly. Their healthcare services are easily accessible. This enables most people to use it since its strategy improves the basic health care of individuals. InnovaCare Health has a core value of providing health care other than making profits, unlike most health facilities. This strategy has played a vital role in meeting the needs of its clients. Most people makes it a priority compared to other healthcare services providers.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health is peculiar and driven by the two individuals in charge of the enterprise. The two leaders have seen the attainment of various goals by the company. Shinto’s expertise and academic qualification put him in place to develop the medical healthcare services offered by InnovaCare Health. Penelope is in charge of implementing the strategies so that they can achieve the desired goals. She has worked in different executive boards that make her stand confidently about her leadership skills before working with InnovaCare Health. Her knowledge and experience come in handy on the board because most people affected by poverty and health are women and children. She addresses this position with competence and passion as this is one of the core values at InnovaCare Health. Shinto believes that companies have to remember that they are established to provide care despite the ever-changing design of health care services.

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How Omar Boraie Is Supporting Housing Development And The Arts In New Brunswick

Real estate developers have the great privilege of being in the business of envisioning and transforming the buildings and houses where families will live out the most important moments of their lives whether those moments include bringing a newborn home for the first time, hosting the reunion that brings a large extended family together for the first time in many years or closing a small business’ first sale after many years of saving to start a company that the owner has always dreamed of. There are very few people who understand how vital real estate development can be to the lives of everyday people like Omar Boraie. Boraie is the founder of the New Brunswick-based real estate development firm Boraie Development LLC.

When Boraie first entered the real estate development industry in New Jersey he was a novice with a background in academia and chemistry. He decided to direct his agile mind away from the study of chemistry and towards transforming the real estate market of New Brunswick, New Jersey during the early seventies. According to an interview on NJ Biz that Boraie gave in the business publication NJ Biz, New Brunswick in the 1970s was a very different city when compared to the New Brunswick of the present day. The city did not have the picturesque and modern commercial buildings that comprise its contemporary business district. Some safety issues also prevented residents from enjoying the city after 4pm. Boraie sought to change this by launching his real estate development company. He started out by purchasing nearly two dozen buildings and approached the city with an ambitious game plan to transform the real estate market. Boraie’s company was instrumental in bringing office space and high-rise lofts that brought an air of sophistication to New Brunswick.

Real estate development is just one of the ways that Boraie is helping to put his adopted hometown on the map. Housing development is an integral part of creating cities that are safe and in attracting the professionals that are needed to work in industries that fuel economic development. Having a rich and active arts district is an important part of having a city that is a healthy and exciting place to live. Boraie is helping to support the arts in New Brunswick by serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of State Theatre New Jersey. As a member of the State Theatre New Jersey’s Board of Trustees Boraie has taken it upon himself to use the wealth that he has gained as a successful real estate developer to work with the theatre to enrich the lives of people living in New Brunswick.

In his crunchbase page, one of the ways that he has done this is by sponsoring a summer film series that is free of charge for members of the community. In 2016 the film series included movies like the Disney favorites Frozen, Monster University and Aladdin. During the summer of 2017 the film series that Boraie is helping to fund will include movies like the CGI hits The Incredibles, Zootopia, Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets. It will also include classic films like Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s contributions to medical science

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a Russian scientists who studies aging and cancer. He works as at the Roswell Park Cancer institute in New york City, USA as Professor of oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny went to the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg from which he earned his M. D. in internal medicine and Ph. D. in experimental medicine and cardiology.

In 2002 he was promoted to the position of associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY. After that he got a position at Ordway Research Institute located in Albany, New York as a senior scientist. In 2009 he moved on from that position to serve as a professor of oncology and teach at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s does research in the field of cancer. He studies targeted cancer therapies that protect healthy cells from being damaged as well as how aging works or the science of biogerontology as well as different drugs meant to slow down the process of aging. Mikhail Blagosklonny developed a hypothesis about the probable part that TOR signaling plays in the process of not only aging but the development of cancer cells as well. Mikhail Blagosklonny also suggested the use of a widely known drug against cancer – repamycin. His reason for that is that the repamycin drug may be able to extend the life expectation of a person. Mikhail Blagosklonny has acquired the reputation of one of the most avid supporters of rapamycin as a tool to extend the longevity of a person. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Mikhail Blagosklonny also takes interest in editorial writing. He is chief editor of a few medical magazines such as Cell Cycle, Aging and Oncotarget. Mikhail Blagosklonny is associate editor for the magazine Cancer Biology and Therapy. Other editorial writings that Mikhail Blagosklonny has done are his published papers that nearly reach the number 300. He has also given a number of speeches on the matters of cancer and aging and has become a source of inspiration for many medical students all over the world. His contribution to medicine has made him known on international levels. Read more about Mikhail at

Securus Technologies Is A Fantastic Company

Securus Technologies is the leader in the public safety field, and they want their customers, and the public to know what they do on a regular basis. They invited them to their Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation so that the people can see what they are working on, and why it is necessary for the public safety field.


They have also instituted the Video Visitations in their customers’ correction facilities with much success. Their customers are very happy with the results, and they appreciate what this company can do for them on a regular basis. The technology that was created allows the incarcerated people to visit with their family and friends via video. This lifts their spirits, and they are more congenial, and easy to get along with. This, in turn, keeps the correction facilities much more safe for everyone involved.


Securus Technologies is known all over the world for what they can do. They are proficient in the civil and criminal sides of the justice system, and they do business with the government all the time. When they are dealing with prisoners on a regular basis, they use techniques like videos, interviews, investigations and more to help solve and prevent crimes. When they move into the future, they will continue to be the leader in their industry, and they want to make the a safer place for all.



Ricardo Tosto: An Expert in Business Law

Ricardo Tosto is an experienced lawyer in Brazil. He is part of the Brazilian Bar Association. As of 2013, there were 847,921 members of the Bar Association. The Order Of Attorneys of Brazil, established in 1930, is responsible for regulation of the law profession in the country.

Lawyers in Brazil are respected and envied by many as it is a lucrative career. Brazil is one of the countries with law school in every State. If you want to be like Ricardo Tosto, you need to complete a 5-year academic course. You will also have to pass the Brazilian Bar Association examination to practice law in the country.

Lawyers in Brazil are given great benefits in addition to their salary. That is probably why a great percentage of lawyers choose to work in the country.

Brazilian Law is derived from different laws including French, Italian, German Civil Law and Portuguese laws. The highest court in the land is the Supreme Court. It is comprised of two superior courts; the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court. The Superior Court of Justice deals with non-constitutional cases and the special appeals while the Supreme Federal Court handles the extraordinary court appeals.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo is the main partner of the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados and has operated in this position for 25 years. He has advocated for politicians, multinational groups, governments and non-governmental organizations. Ricardo Tosto has also trained his associates in different levels.

He is one of the great entrepreneurs as he has managed to grow his firm from a small enterprise to one of the largest law firms in the country. It is a full-service law firm that specializes in business law. It provides legal support for different companies. They have also excelled in conflict resolution, judicial litigation and administrative services. The firm’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo but also have branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Ricardo Tosto is also an author of ‘The Process of Tiradentes’.

Ricardo holds a Bachelor degree in Law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He also attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation for his Business Administration.